Thursday, August 11, 2011

Libellule - Eurasian Cutie's Nasty Anal With French Geezer

This petite caramel cutie, Libellule (how do you pronounce that! ?) slurps on a middle-aged French geezer's thick pole, before getting on top. You can see her gaping sphincter from the get-go, as she apparently like to do anal. A lot. But it's a cute sphincter, nonetheless.

She reverses position and puts his dick in her asshole, barely able to get it in 1/4 way. She bounces up and down, rubbing her pink pussy frantically. He then stands up and bounces her ass on his pole standing up. They move to doggy and she takes it, like a man. He cums in little white spurts, right on her tongue and it dribbles down over his pubic hairs. She takes his cock and licks it clean, then moves down and slurps up the remains, out of his pubes. Atta-gurl!.

Libellule has that smooth, asian skin, as if it had been coated with two coats of lacquer. Honey brown skin. Her small round tits with dark round nipples, on that petite frame and that round, firm ass is gorgeous. Her proclivity to play spit games, take his spurting cum on her tongue and then lick his cock head clean, even slurping the cum splattered on his pubes, is all very nasty and hot. I like her. A lot.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Stacy - FTV Petite Blonde Sucks And Fucks A Big Dick

Stacy, the petite FTV blonde who was afraid of the hair trimming vibrator on FTV is quite unafraid of fucking a big, mean-looking dick. She starts off by sucking his cock off the couch, wearing just a tiny lime green t-shirt, which barely (un)covers her small tits. Then she lies back and fingers her big meaty pussy lips, while he face-fucks her.

He then has her sit down on his meat pole and she rides him reverse cowgirl. She shudders and moans, as she rides the big hard dick. She reverses positions on top and we can see the gaping asshole, as she bounces up and down. He then lifts her up and bounces the little girl on top of his dick, standing up.

He then switches to doggy style. We can see that Stacy has a real large pussy, on the outside. They switch to spoon and then missionary, where he pulls out and she asks him to cum on her face. He cums on her tongue and she sucks him off. Wow.

Alexia - Petite Blonde Goes Head-To-Head With A Cock

Alexia is a petite, blonde teen with long pigtails. She is first interviewed and then strips out of her fuschia tank top and matching pink panties. The guy goes down on her pussy and then starts to fuck her in the missionary position. Then they switch to doggy on the bed, where he takes her from behind, her cute little baby-soft butt.

In the second clip they move back to missionary, then spoon and then she rides him cowgirl. They go back to missionary, then doggy style for the finish. He pulls out of her and has her sit down on the bed, while he jerks off in her mouth and make her suck him clean.

Alexia is almost flat chested, with tiny pink nipples and a shaved slender pussy. She has athletic legs and taut abs. To top it off, she has the cutest baby-butt, round and jiggly, firm and smooth. She is a delight.

Ashton - Petite Blonde Hops On Boyfriend's Cock

Ashton, the skinny blonde has a guitar hung around her neck and wants her boyfriend to teach her how to play video games. He, however, has other ideas. She gets down on her knees and blows him. Then she gets on top of him, reverse cowgirl. Then switches to regular cowgirl.

Ashton is fucked hard in the cowgirl position, after which she crouches down on the couch and is fucked doggy style. He cums with her down on her knees and all over her cute face.

Kelly Klass - Blonde Massaged And Fucked Hard

Kelly Klass ends up on the massage table, where she is oiled and massaged. When he ends up down there, on her pussy, she tells him to fuck her. She gives him a blowjob, while laying on her stomach. He stats with missionary and then takes her sideways, with her shiny globes and pale pucker in a tantalizing display.

He then has her face down on the massage table, fucking her from behind. Her tiny ass cheeks splayed open and her asshole slightly gaping. She looks perfectly satiated, like a cat. She then moves up to her knees and gets spanked on her cute butt. He has her laying on a red wedge and really gives her a hard pounding from behind.

She is then put on a larger blue wedge and fucked with her legs on his shoulders, going deep inside of her. He gives it to her doggy and then she rides cowgirl on him. She finally lays on her back on the table and he fucks her hard, before cumming on her face and in her mouth. She licks him clean at the end.

Kelly looks amazing, her long lithe body oiled-up and radiant. She has an adorable face and a cute body, with tiny tits, capped with perky pink nipples. Her shaved pussy is just as pretty.

Kelly Klass - Blonde Teen Analized & Forced To Pee

Kelly Klass, blonde this time around, is ordered to strip and bend over. She does and is immediately fucked in the ass by a cock. He cums all over her pussy and then she is turned over and forced to pee in a flute. The camera man, who sounds Italian, taunts her about her religious father, being not too happy to see her little girl taking it in the ass like this, to which she responds in the affirmative. This was needless, but I guess it sells somewhere (jerk community ?).

Kelly is a cute, flat chested blonde with tiny nipples, a cute round ass and an athletic body.

Kelly Klass - Four Eyed Cutie Gets It Good By Teacher

Kelly Klass is a naughty bookworm who gets accosted by her teacher and ends up fucking him. She is wearing those bookish eyeglasses, a blue tanktop and pink capris. Underneath she has on hot pink lingerie.

After some cajoling she ends up on her knees, sucking off her teacher frantically and twisting her left nipple. He lies back down on the desk, and she continue to suck him off. Then she climbs on top and rides him cowgirl. They switch to spoon, then missionary and finally doggy. He finishes off in her mouth, rather on her tongue and she swallows it all and licks him clean.

Kelly Klass is a petite brunette, with cute little tits, a petite body and slim hips with a tiny ass. And she is a sassy gal to boot.

Chloe Morgan - Naughty Bookworm Gets Double Timed

Chloe Morgan and her boyfriend sneak into a classroom for some sex. Little do they know that the teacher is lurking around to catch them. When caught, the teacher (of course) decides that she must fuck him, or else they are both in trouble.

The boyfriend relents and Chloe start blowing him on her knees soon thereafter she is fucked doggy style and rides cowgirl, servicing both her lovers at the same time. They both empty their loads on her face and in her mouth.

Chloe is a skinny brunette with small round tits and tiny nipples. She has a cute round ass and taut abs. She looks hot in a pair of tight jeans.

Gigi Rivera - Naughty Bookworm Gets It On The Desk

Gigi Rivera, wearing a cute sapphire tank top and a denim skirt is in trouble with her teacher and to make things better, she unzips his pants and gives him a slow, loving blowjob, sucking and laving his cock head, making it nice and big for herself.

He pounds her doggy style on his desk, with her legs splayed apart, making her moan and grunt. They switch to missionary, with her laying on his desk. He goes down on her, while fucking her pussy with his finger, slurping on her clit. They move to 69 on the desk, before she moves on top of him and rides him hard and rough, bouncing high and dropping low on his cock. It is really amazing how furiously she fucks him!

He cums all over her face and tits and she licks him clean.

Stacy - FTV Blonde Girl Tries Vibrator On Puffy Pussy

Stacy is an FTV blonde teen. Here she tries their 19th century vibrator, that looks suspiciously like it was converted from an old-fashioned hair trimmer. It also sounds the same, making a loud clicky noise when started, scaring stacy right away.

Stacy puts this big old thing to her large, puffy, meaty pussy lips with a scared grimace on her face and opines that it is too fast-n-rough for her taste.

Stacy is cute and lovely, with almost no tits, tiny nipples and a pussy that looks like a large NY deli sandwich. Yummy.